The most popular pallet purchased, this pallet is used by a large cross-section of industry, storing a wide variety of products. With the perimeter base design, stacking pallet load on pallet load is made easier as there is good base coverage for better spread.

The general purpose pallet used exclusively throughout industry. This Type of pallet is suitable for either loaded pallet on loaded pallet or for use within a racking system.

This type of pallet is available in a number of different sizes and are mostly purchased by the chemical industry for the storage and distribution of drums.

This pallet design is the officially accepted exchange pallet used extensively throughout Europe. When exporting your products you may be asked to incorporate this size in your overall packing program.

This pallet design is medium to light weight version of the 'Stamped Euro' which is used in the UK.

This type of pallet is usually used by companies who use pump trucks. The design allows easy access to each side.

This design of pallet is usually purchased by the companies that shrink wrap their goods.

This pallet is usually used by the building industry for the storage of bricks because of its strong design and easy access.