Periodically for may businesses, pallets can no longer be used or need to be cleared to make space for something else. There is an effective way to dispose of these unwanted pallets by using the services of a clearance and collection company Palick Limited. Pallets can be recycled in many different ways and by using a good pallets clearance service like Palick Limited, it means that your business can increase space by clearing these unwanted pallets effectively

Palick Limited offers a clearance and collection service which means we are able to come and collect your wooden pallets free of charge. When cleared, the pallets are then taken back to our premises and recycled.

We would Welcome your call today to let us know if your business is in need of Palick Limited pallets clearance and collection services.

Palick Ltd are an officially registered [CBDU129042] Waste Carrier and Broker. This  certifies Palick Ltd to Collect and Carry Waste. Additionally Palick Ltd is also able to Manage Waste on behalf of another party. Palick Ltd provide the assurance that all operations are carried out in accordance with all the relevant regulations – providing you with ‘Peace of Mind’ in dealing with the right Company.